Welcome To Penrose’s Brand New Website!

Example of the images from our old site

Our Old Catalogue Images

We’ve felt for a little while that our old website we looking a little dated. After renovating our show room the Penrose identity got more and more defined. Penrose Blue was becoming a must-have for all of our advertising and merchandise. We gave our web guy a call, and after much planning, discussions, blood, sweat and tears, you see before you the new website we came up with.

This is our third website since first going online back in 1996. We may well have to follow up with a little article about how we got started online, as well as the two websites that led up to this new one.

New Website Features

We have totally redesigned the website! Each page may have a full width banner featuring some of our finest historic images. We have a dedicated history section telling you all out Stripple Engraving, John Coughlan, and more. A dedicated news section (which you already knew of course). And of course a full online store for you to browse, and that’s just some of the new content we have planned.

We also called our local photographer, Keith Currams, who updated our picture catalogues. Nothing so tough for a photographer as shots of Crystal! The light bounces all over the place. We’ve included a before and after picture on the right so you can see the improvements he has brought to the table for our new website. Deep blues have been abandoned in favour of the light, nuanced Penrose Blue.

New images for a new website!

Our New Catalogue Images

We’ll start to add more articles here in the News Section in the new year, detailing Penrose’s rich history, as well as giving some insight into the day-to-day running of Waterford’s finest crystal company. You can get a taste for now in the history section, but of course feel free to take a look in the online store to see if you find anything your family might like for Christmas.

Each product can be custom engraved, and we have included lots of useful shipping options. You can pay no delivery charges and come to the shop to pick up the product yourself, or pay as little as €5.99 to have it safely delivered anywhere in Ireland.

Most of all, we hope you enjoy exploring our new site as much as we have enjoyed designing and building it!

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