This is where you will find all of that boring legal stuff that websites have to have. The three pages you need to know about our listed below.

  • Cookie Policy – Websites sometimes need to store information on their users computers. It’ s simple stuff like remembering that you are logged in, or what you have added to your shopping cart. For full details about managing your cookies, click the link.
  • Privacy Policy – We store some information on what you do on our site in our database too! Again, it’s simple stuff like what your address is so we can send you your crystal, your login details to the site, and what you’ve bought in the past. This page will tell you about what we can do with that data.
  • Terms of Service – As a user of our website you have certain rights and responsibilities, and as a provider of a service to you we have certain rights and responsibilities too! This page will tell you all about both.